Photography Classes

Photography Classes

One on One Class:

For Aprox 1.5 hours we will go over the features of your camera with you and explain in simple terms basic information regarding what your camera can do. We go at your pace so you are always comfortable with our training.

Evening Classes By Appointment Only.

One on One Class Cost $75.

For more information on the One on One Classes

Call 905-646-4044 or e-mail [email protected]

Up Coming Classes include:

Introduction to Photoshop:

Classes will cover basic tools over view and demonstrations on how to use some of the more popular tools to photoshop. The class will be approximately 2 hours in length. You are welcomed to bring a laptop to follow along on if you have the program or watch from a large screen.

If you are interested in any of these classes please let us know as we are still working on setting up dates.


Anyone interested in any of these classes please let us know and we will be creating lists for up coming classes and will be able to contact you when upcoming dates are set.

We will be posting other classes as they are made available in the near future.

Thank you.